A staged reno – St Andrews

March 8, 2021

A staged reno – St Andrews

by Renovations | Oct 20, 2020 | Waikato South

A staged reno – St Andrews

We appreciate that when you decide to renovate your home there will be some disruption to everyday life! Especially if you decide to completely renovate your home. Sometimes it isn’t an option to move out of the property.

Recently, a customer of ours decided she wanted to complete a full renovation of her home – but due to space we organised a staged approach to the renovation to allow her room to move furniture around and gave her a break between each stage.

Stage one – This involved the renovation of the bathroom/toilet, master bedroom and spare bedroom. The project during this stage took 4 weeks

Stage two – We moved into the lounge and kitchen area. We removed the wooden lining in the lounge area and replaced the raking ceiling with gib, for a paint finish. She designed a whole new kitchen and removed the wall between to the two areas to open up the floorplan.

Stage three – Involved refreshing all the outdoor living areas. New decks, a ramp for access, raised flower gardens and new fencing was built. This stage was dependant on weather but was completed quickly within 2 weeks.

Adopting a staged approach to renovations is an option when you start planning your project – we are happy to work in with your requirements as we want to provide you with a smooth reno process from start to finish.

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