Full Home Renovation: Property Overhaul

December 6, 2021

Full Home Renovation: Property Overhaul

by | Dec 6, 2021 | Auckland CBD

This month we completed a major overhaul on an old property that had fallen into a stay of disarray. The home had become extremely outdated and unpleasant to the modern real estate market. The Kitchen, carpet, deck, bedrooms, and bathrooms all desperately needed a renovation. The complete home renovation was a lengthy process but resulted in a home that felt brand new and greatly increased the value of the property.

Laying Carpet

The first step of this home renovation was replacing the old shag carpets. Upgrading the flooring in an old home is a quick way to significantly increase the comfort factor of a home. Going from worn down shag to a brand-new soft carpet makes the home more liveable and pleasant. However, we quickly ran into an issue. The particle board flooring had rotted away in the hallways, master bedroom, kitchen, and lounge. This all had to be replaced before we could lay down new carpet and vinyl flooring.

New bedrooms

The lounge of this 114m2 home was quite large and it was decided to put up a few walls and create 2 new bedrooms. Adding new bedrooms is a brilliant way to increase the property value of your home. If your house can afford to sacrifice some space without becoming too cramped, then we would highly recommend adding a new bedroom or two during your home renovation.

Kitchen & Bathroom Renovations

The finishing touches to the house was removing the old cabinets and appliances and fitting a new custom deigned kitchen, complete with a white stone bench top. For the bathroom we completely gutted everything, replacing it with refreshed vanities and vinyl wood flooring. Kitchen renovations and bathroom renovations are the most popular types of renovations and for a good reason. These two utility spaces are used more than any other room in the house. Having them be functional and luxury can make the home far more liveable and attractive to potential buyers.

Another success Home Renovation

Now that the home renovation was complete it was time to add the finishing touches. The old wrought iron hand railing on the deck was replaced with a new timber set along with new decking timber. We removed the rubbish from the site, including the rubbish left inside by the previous owner. The last thing to do was to water blast the whole house to give everything a clean finish to make it ready to go back on the market.

Overall, the complete home renovation was a major success, increasing the property value 63%. If you are looking to overhaul your home give us a call at 0508 2 73668 or contact us online to start your renovation journey.

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