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Project management through planning is the key to any successful building project and will help avoid costly problems and delays. Building or renovating a home is not easy. There are often frustrations due to the weather, materials delay, subcontractors not showing up and cost over-runs – which can all add to the homeowner’s stress. Our role is to project manage your renovation carefully to alleviate any of these hassles and to deliver the very best result within your set budget.

The secret to good project management is to be able to think ahead and know:

  • Who will be involved
  • What materials are needed and when
  • How to anticipate possible problems or hold ups
  • How to identify critical time related issues (milestones) that must be completed before you can proceed to the next stage

Because construction requires the integration of numerous trades in your building, the management of subcontractors is an essential part of project management. The main contractor is totally responsible for all planning and project management. Our team of experienced and knowledgeable specialists know every aspect of the building process from concept design to Code of Compliance sign-off. They can ensure the project is completed on time with the highest level of workmanship to ensure your absolute satisfaction. We can give the best advice on design and construction details while taking care of all building and resource consents as well as gaining timely inspections. If anything goes wrong with your construction it could be costly, so we cover your risk by having a written guarantee and insurances in place.

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