Our renovation process – Bathrooms

March 8, 2021

Our renovation process – Bathrooms

by Renovations | Oct 13, 2020 | Waikato South

A majority of the renovation work we do for customers involves some kind of upgrade to a bathroom. Whether you are wanting to simply put in an new acrylic shower and touch up the paint job? Or you want to re-design the floorplan, strip back the linings and possibly tile all walls and floors?

Demo phase: Our builders will focus on the demolition stage during the first 1-2 days of the project. If you are moving the position of the shower/vanity or bath this stage enables the builders to pull back the wall linings for the plumber to come in and run their pipework. We do often find evidence of leaks during the demolition stage and if this does happen during your renovation we do make it priority to advise the customer along the way so you know exactly what is happening at every point of the project.

Plumber/Electrician: Both these trades are incredibly important, but often aren’t onsite for as long as other trades as they need to work in and around the builder. As you can appreciate there is often limited space in bathrooms so subtrade tend to be booked on separate days/time to allow them the space to get in and get their jobs done efficiently.

Stopper/Painter: This stage requires multiple visits to site for both the stopper and the painter – for good reason! They need to apply multiple coats of plaster and paint – which also need to dry and be sanded back.

Tiler: Tiling takes the longest amount of time out of all the trades. If you are having a fully tiled shower (floor and walls) the tiler needs to waterproof the area first before the tiling starts. We often allow for the tiler to be onsite for over a week, depending on the size of the bathroom.

Flooring: Another option for flooring for bathrooms is vinyl. This option if normally tends to be more cost effective, and is great for a wet area. Vinyl installation is very quick compared to tiling – up to 3-4 hours.

Fit off: The builder will return at the end of the project to ‘fit off’. This involves fitting the vanity, toilet roll holder etc. and any remaining skirting or finishing touches.

Even though the bathroom is a small space in comparison to the rest of the home – during a bathroom renovation we need to juggle a number of different subtrades – which all need to work together! Apart of our service is to project manage this process for you and take away the stress & organisation require for each step.

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