Bathroom Renovation – Design for Functionality

September 16, 2021

Bathroom Renovation – Design for Functionality

by | Sep 16, 2021 | Waikato South

Bathroom renovations are the most common type of renovation for New Zealand homes and for good reason. There is nothing worse than an ugly or nonfunctional bathroom. So, this Waikato home decided to overhaul their bathroom design with a renovation from Maintain To Profit. Everything from the shower and vanity to the tiling and lights.

Balance style and Functionality

Interior design is one of the most important considerations for any renovation. Picking a style can make or break the success of your bathroom renovation. When it comes to the bathroom, a room of utility, finding a design that lies between style and functionality is key. For this reason, tiles are your friend. Tiles can give texture and colour, but are easy to clean and water resistant. Furthermore, they are very cost effective and last a lifetime with minimal wear.

bathroom renovation

The vanity is another important design choice. The current trend in bathroom design is the floating vanity. These vanities are attached to the wall rather than resting on the floor. Besides the modern look, this design choice offers the advantage of making the space feel bigger. If you have a small bathroom this is a great choice. However, even if your bathroom is large, making the space feel even bigger is never a bad thing and is a smart choice for any bathroom renovation.

Attention to detail

An incredibly small detail is in the design of the shower. A small shelf was recessed into the wall to give space for soaps etc. Many showers lack this tiny detail but it makes for a world of difference.

Maintain To Profit is your bathroom renovation specialist

If you are looking to renovate your bathroom then look no further than Maintain To Profit. Whether you need help designing or already have a design we can help make you renovation a reality. Call us at 0508 2 73668 or contact us online.

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