Bathroom renovations: Space versus saleability

November 10, 2021

Bathroom renovations: Space versus saleability

by Renovations | Nov 10, 2021 | Bathroom Renovations

Kiwis chasing the ultimate luxury in bathrooms are renovating in record numbers as New Zealand moves into summer. However, one renovations company is advising homeowners on how their bathroom renovations decisions may impact their ability to sell. Urging homeowners to consider that a successful future sale may well hinge on what they do with their bathroom now.

Mark Trafford, managing director and founder of national renovations franchise Maintain To Profit, says it’s not unusual to have to remind homeowners to consider the needs of future buyers when renovating.

“For example, a couple whose kids are all grown up and out of the home may ask us to remove the bath to free up space. The only trouble with that is that when the house is sold one day, you’re potentially ruling out young families who need a bath for the kids.

“You can’t bathe a baby in the shower.”

Trafford says the desire to make a bathroom bigger is understandable, particularly in a time when big bathrooms are fashionable, but there are other ways achieve a sense of space.

“Bathrooms are by far our most popular renovation, so we have a lot of experience turning small pokey bathrooms into beautiful functional spaces. For example, nobody really wants a toilet in the bathroom but separating out the toilet and bathroom won’t necessarily make your bathroom look smaller if done properly.”

Trafford says you could split the bathroom and toilet with a divider or separate the two entirely by perhaps sacrificing a cupboard. “You want enough functionality and space to move freely, but you also want to create the impression of space – it’s a balance between functionality and style.”

Use big tiles

“Tiles provide a clear, waterproof finish – white tiles in particular can add a mirror effect and wear well,” says Trafford. “But the secret is to go for larger tiles so that you have fewer grout lines. Too many grout lines make the bathroom look cluttered.”

Floating vanities

Trafford says the floating vanity, which is fixed to the wall rather than standing on its own legs, is trending at the moment.

“The vanity is a key fixture in the bathroom and not only is the floating vanity stylish and fashionable, but it also gives the illusion of space and broadens your storage options. For example, you can store things like the bathroom scale underneath the floating vanity.

“A floating vanity doesn’t take up floor space and comes in several finishes and sizes,” Trafford says.

Use space better

Trafford says that how we use space not only adds to the sense of space and style but helps make a bathroom more functional.

“Ask yourself, where will things go? Look at your current bathroom, at the soaps, brushes and towels and talk to an expert about how you can store these items better so that they are less obtrusive and less of an eyesore.

“Making better use of space may be as simple as recessing the shower’s soap holder and shampoo shelve into the wall. Shower caddies add clutter and restrict your space in the shower, but a small, recessed shelf is an elegant solution to this problem,” Trafford says.

Have some ideas for bathroom renovations? Call 0508 2 73668 and talk to the team at Maintain To Profit.

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