2 Best Bathroom Renovation Trends of 2022

January 13, 2022

2 Best Bathroom Renovation Trends of 2022

by Renovations | Jan 13, 2022 | Waikato South

By far one of the most popular renovations we complete is the bathroom renovation. People are addicted to renovating their bathroom for a few reasons. Firstly, nothing makes a home feel cheap like an old dodgy bathroom. Second, the small size of most bathrooms puts it in the budget of your average homeowner. Thirdly, bathroom renovations tend to follow trends more than any other room.

Following trends can be a great way to make your home feel modern and beautiful. However, trends tend to fall out of fashion extremely quickly. Leaving you with a brand new bathroom that can feel tacky within just a few years.

So when looking at the new bathroom renovation trends of 2022 it is important to take them with a grain of salt. Instead of telling you to hop on these trends, we’ll try and pick out the ones we think are timeless.

Keeping it natural

One of the first trends that we predict will be timeless is incorporating elements of nature into the interior design. This doesn’t necessarily mean bringing in huge house plants. Rather, using natural colours, natural light and a little bit of texture.

A lot of modern bathrooms could be summed up as white rooms with white light. While this style is commended for its clean aesthetic, it can be rather dull. Instead switch up the white walls for some neutral, natural tones such as a Spanish white. Paired with creamy marble flooring will create a space which is far more pleasant and comforting.

For obvious reasons many of us cannot install massive windows in our bathrooms without scaring off the neighbours. So what other options are there for those who want some natural light in their bathroom? Frosted glass windows along the top of the wall are an excellent choice for the privacy and light they offer.

Spa-like vibes

The reasoning for bringing more natural elements into your bathroom design brings us to our next 2022 bathroom design trend. Trends are forecasting a focus on comfort over functionality. Not to say one should dismiss functionality. Any good bathroom is designed for usability first.

The last few years for everyone could be defined as stressful. As a result we are seeing a rise in people designing their bathrooms to be more spa-like. Including things like plants, luxury tapware and underfloor heating. Combined with the above mentioned natural elements create an amazing space to decompress.

If you are interested in completing a bathroom renovation in 2022 call the team at Maintain To Profit on 0508 2 73668 or contact us online. We’ll help you through from the design process to the final build.

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