Looking at bathroom or kitchen renovations?

April 10, 2016

Looking at bathroom or kitchen renovations?

by | Apr 10, 2016 | Bathroom Renovations

If you looking at renovating your kitchen or bathroom, always remember that while you are renovating it is a good idea to get all plumbing and electrical systems checked. This is a good opportunity, especially if you are pulling up floors or knocking down walls, to get it all inspected and checked. Plumbing pipes and drainage can deteriorate with use and time and as leaks can go unnoticed for quite a while before surface problems start it can cause serious damage and can also cause health problems.

Unfortunately, out of sight is out of mind and you can’t just lift up the floor boards every six months to check all is ok. So when you are renovating it is important to get properly installed and detailed waterproofing for all bathrooms, kitchens and laundry’s. Special waterproofed Gib is required for the walls and a waterproof membrane is vital behind tiled surfaces with cement based grouts and in the shower areas to prevent damage from leaks. All plumbing and drainage work that involves installing new pipes requires a building consent.

Some quick tips before committing to a quote:

  • Make sure you get three quotes and make sure sure everyone is quoting apples for apples.
  • Make sure your expectations are fully understood.
  • Only use licensed trades people with insurance.
  • Get at least three references before commitment.

It must be carried out by a Licensed or Certifying Plumber or Drainlayer. This is important because and incorrect plumbing connection could allow a back-flow of polluted water into your drinking water. So it is vitally important to make sure all drains, plumbing and the like are all safe, secure and signed off by a professional to ensure years down the road you don’t get a nasty surprise.

We here at Maintain To Profit Renovations works as your professional partner to provide affordable key turn solutions. We are qualified, certified, experienced and ready to do any size renovation work throughout New Zealand. We can organise a plumber or drainlayer to ensure work is to the very highest standard. We work with our preferred Licenced Building Practitioners, Master Plumbers, Master Electricians and Master Painters providing you with the highest quality work and customer service. We are not happy till your happy and we will stand by your project 100%. So whether you are planning, have planned or need us to help pick up someone else’s slack we can help.

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