YES, We Are An Essential Service Provider

April 7, 2020

YES, We Are An Essential Service Provider

by | Apr 7, 2020 | About Us

Due to the growing threat of the COVID-19 pandemic, New Zealand is now in a state of national emergency and in lockdown. This means that people need to stay at home and some non-essential businesses will be closed. Moreover, those who are not working in essential services must stay at home. They should also stop interactions with others outside of their household.

However, businesses who are offering essential services can still operate. These include supermarkets and pharmacies, among others. Furthermore, businesses who are involved in the supply and support chain are also considered essential.

As one of the trusted and leading renovation companies in New Zealand, we, at Renovations.NZ, are considered an essential service provider.

Why are we an essential service provider?

According to the Government’s definition of an essential business for the building and construction sector, the company should be related to essential services and critical infrastructure, and that are included in the supply and support chain.

Moreover, the company should also be involved in any work that requires immediate address to health or life safety risks. It should also be involved in the prevention of serious environmental harm.

As part of the building and construction sector, we at Restorations.NZ, provide services such as:

  • Urgent Plumbing and sewer repairs, including damaged and leaky water mains or plumbing pipes.
  • Roof leaks and repairs.
  • Blocked toilets or essential plumbing repairs.
  • Any electrical repairs such as no power to property or electrical faults that may put you at risk. E.g no power to health care equipment.
  • Commercial building services for hospitals or any other related health care premises.
  • Damage that may have been caused from a breaking, weather or any external factor that results in questionable safety or damage to property.

These kinds of services should be addressed immediately as they can put people’s health and safety at risk.

With this in mind, we assist home and building owners in their need to restore and repair property to maintain health and safety during this lockdown.

How to employ our services?

As safety precautions, we are introducing the concept of virtual walk through. This will lessen our direct contact and avoid any safety risks for all involved. If you need help, you can book and schedule a virtual walk through via our website so we can give you an estimate or quote for essential work service needed.

You can also use our cost adviser to help with your finance cost assessment. .

Safety measures

We assure our clients that we will uphold the highest standard of health and safety precautionary measures, mandated by the Government and the Ministry of Health, to avoid putting our team as well as our clients at risk. We also encourage our clients to do the same and practice social distancing as well as proper hygiene.

As our commitment to quality services, we will still do our best to provide the highest quality service to achieve 100% customer satisfaction even during this lockdown.

If you have questions, our lines are open and you can contact us anytime.

On the other hand, if you need more information about the building and construction sector being considered essential services, you may visit this website or contact us directly.

Stay safe everyone!

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