Renovations in Wellington

December 6, 2022

Renovations in Wellington

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We are available to talk with you about your construction and remodeling needs. At Maintain To Profit, Renovations will continue to keep abreast of the latest best practices.

In the meantime, Maintain To Profit has compiled a list of the 6 things you should think about when building or remodeling a custom home. We have been collaborating with clients throughout the Wellington area to build and remodel their dream homes for over fifteen years. At Maintain To Profit, we put great emphasis on the planning phase of each project.

For over fifteen years, Maintain To Profit has restored and renovated scores of large and small period homes throughout the greater Wellington area including Kapiti Coast, Upper, and Lower Hutt, Porirua, and Wairarapa. Ranging from humble projects of just one or two rooms to complete house remodels.

Many people remodel homes either to make their house look brand new or to allow a different person to live in the home. Many homeowners will undergo major repairs to renovate their homes before listing them for sale. Most builders are focused on building new homes, so remodeling is usually a part-time job for these types of contractors.

The processes and services required in a renovation are specific, whereas building a new house is predictable after plans are signed. Renovations typically call for all the same sub-trades to construct a new structure.

These renovations can take place across several rooms, for a low-cost yet transformational impact on your home. Like the kitchen renovation, inexpensive ideas for a bathroom renovation include replacing backsplashes, refacing cabinets, and painting walls, but here are two more ideas for a low-cost remodel. An affordable home remodel can give any space a fresh look and feel.

Whether you are looking to boost your home’s property value around a recently purchased house, or just want a change of pace, here are a few modest home repairs that you can make for less than $5,000. Read on to learn how to do a strategic remodel and what projects will increase your property’s value. In short, before investing tons of cash into a complex, whole-home remodeling project, take into consideration what competing properties in your area are offering.


Remember, even in a property rehab project known for adding value, there is a high probability you will spend more money than you get back in return. While these projects might not add significant cash value, they will help sell your house more quickly.

They also choose their remodeling projects carefully, focusing on the ones that would yield the greatest amount of value with the least amount of work and expense. New siding, kitchen remodeling (new countertops and modern appliances), and new windows as projects that have among the highest returns on investment, typically recovering 80% or more of the cost of the new siding when they sell.

It is best to keep your remodels small, look neutral, and focus on improving your home’s utility. Do not forget the outside as you begin thinking of renovation plans. Carefully tear down all or part of the areas in your home you are going to be repairing.

Protect the future work you do to repair it by ensuring that the house does not fall on you (foundation, serious structural problems) and stays dry (roof, siding, windows). Installing your floor coverings at the end of your renovations as much as possible saves the flooring surfaces from major damage.

Renovations (also called remodels) are a process for improving an existing, broken, damaged, or obsolete structure. When an amendment/renovation authorization does not include a structural modification, it can be processed under our Walk-through Program. The Walk-through Program can be used when an alteration/renovation does not have any structural changes; if an application does not meet Walk-through Program requirements, zoning staff and the building plan to review it.

Give Maintain To Profit a call today and find out how you can remodel your home to add value to the property or design it to your personal preferences.

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