A Success Renovation Story in Rodney

January 20, 2023

A Success Renovation Story in Rodney

by Renovations | Jan 20, 2023 | North Shore

Renovations can be tricky. When you do it right, you save tons of money and get just what you wanted. However, if you get it wrong or hire the wrong people, you stand to lose a lot of cash and become disappointed with the results. That’s why if you’re looking for renovations that meet your high standards, look no further than Maintain To Profit Renovations.

Why Choose Maintain To Profit Renovations?

Maintain To Profit Renovations is your one-stop solution for all renovations, remodeling, and rebuilding. Whether you want to completely renovate your entire home, or you are just looking to renovate a small section, such as a bathroom or kitchen, we can help!

Our service spans all the way from the initial design ideas and concepts to see the project through by managing the process for you. Our team of specialized Master Builders is there to help, ensuring a seamless and stress-free project for you that meets your budget.

Renovations in Rodney, Auckland

At Maintain To Profit Renovations, we have made renovations all over New Zealand. One of our favorites is this one we did in Rodney, Auckland, where we were able to turn a kitchen from drab and run down to sparkling, a bathroom from dilapidated to bright, and a living room from dark to airy.

We’re Here to Help You

Only we can deliver just what you need. We hold your hand and guide you from start to finish so you get the changes that you desire in the least amount of time and money. Our goal is to deliver the results that our clients want while staying on budget.

Recently, we were able to renovate this run-down place and turn it into a beautiful home. We had to work on walls and ceilings with cracked plasters and a kitchen that was broken down. As you can see in the images below, we had to deal with a lot of damage from normal wear and tear. We turned this dilapidated mess of a house into a lovely home. The owners are happy and so are we.

Our renovations don’t just mean money in our pockets. We turn dreams into reality as we work with our clients to deliver the best in renovation services. Our goal is to dream big with our clients and turn their dream homes into reality.

Check out our latest renovation in Rodney, Auckland, and discover for yourself how dedicated we are to our craft. We make dreams come true and we do that with our client’s needs and wants in mind. Together, we turn your vision into actual living spaces that make a difference.

Here are a few images are taken from one of our renovation projects in Rodney, Auckland:

Before Renovation

After Renovation

From Nightmare to Dream Home

You see, we don’t just do renovations – we excel at it. That’s why when you come to us with the house of your nightmares, we help you turn them into dream homes. You and your family will surely love the result. The best part is we give you what you want within your budget. Unlike other companies that might rob you blind, we underpromise and overdeliver. Plus, we’ve got your back the whole time.

So, whether you’re planning renovations to your current home, or recently bought a secondhand house that you want to fix up and turn into your dream home, we’ve got you covered. It helps to be prepared too. Don’t worry, we’ll guide you through the whole process.

Concept and Design

Right from the start, we at Maintain To Profit Renovations take you on a step-by-step journey where we discuss your requirements and guide you in creating a plan where we provide what you’re looking for and you get what you desire. That’s the first step.

Next, we combine our ideas and put everything on paper. We help you by turning your vision into a plan that we will use during the renovation process. During this stage, we will give you an estimate of the potential costs for this project.

During the next step, we prepare construction plans, which will encompass all the work that needs to be done. This is where we get a better idea of how much your renovations will be. We will also apply for building consent during this phase.

Post-Planning Stages

After the plans are finalized, we will give you a fixed price and agree on the final quote. This is where we determine the total required budget to complete the project based on your requirements specified during the planning stages.

Finally comes the contract signing and we will start building and working on the renovations. Now you can sit back and relax while we do our work based on your requirements. Your dreams and plans will finally start to come to fruition.

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