Overwhelmed By All The New Bathroom Vanities On The Market

July 7, 2020

Overwhelmed By All The New Bathroom Vanities On The Market

by | Jul 7, 2020 | Auckland West

Overwhelmed By All The New Bathroom Vanities On The Market? With These Tips Of The Trade, You Get The Best for Less?

Stock vanities have come down in price – A lot!

On the back of recent manufacturing advancements, we can now mass-produce sturdy, elegant bathroom vanities for cheaper than we ever could in the past without compromising on quality.

Not only do these bathroom vanities look great, but they’ve gotten so much easier to install. Anyone with a weekend to spare and some basic tools can piece together a bathroom vanity all by themselves.

It’s no secret, the DIY crowd loves a good, cheap bathroom vanity. However, an easier install benefits us all.

If you’ve got too much on your plate, or absolutely no desire to attempt installing a bathroom vanity yourself, a simpler, quicker install helps your pocket too.

You pay less for labour and have a bathroom that’s ready to use in hours, not days.

The availability of affordable modern units means that there has never been a better time to upgrade your bathroom vanity.

A bathroom vanity isn’t just about housing a hairdryer and the clean towels. A bathroom vanity can bring life and pride into a bathroom that just isn’t working, improve on your home, and will definitely increase the value of a house.

Bathroom Vanity Quality Considerations To Get A Good Product.

Quality is about two things – looking good and lasting a long time.

For reference, here’s a unit we replaced.

This style was all the rage back in the 90s. Now it just looks dated. The brown/cream colour of that overhanging sink wasn’t appealing to the homeowner or their guests anymore. So they did what anyone would do. They upgraded.

And here is the new bathroom vanity we installed for them.

You can’t honestly say that isn’t a massive improvement.

The Southern Oak coloured timber looks great.

Once the tiles are laid, this bathroom vanity will complement the new glossy white and bring the room together. You can see that this homeowner has chosen to replace their shower at the same time. By redoing their bathroom, they’ve added significant value to their home. It’s value they can enjoy now which they’ll see again when it’s time to sell.

Consider the Durability of The Bathroom Vanity’s Material

Here’s the NZ compliance code for timber and timber-based flooring in the bathroom or any wet area.

We procured this unit from one of our local bathroom suppliers, St Michel.

We know it’s going to last because all their bathroom timber is protected from moisture by an Aquaedge protective layer.

“Aquaedge is a targeted aqua sealant that creates a melamine barrier that protects the exposed timber from any bathroom moisture”.

Storage Capacity

A full-length pullout drawer and a soft-close mechanism go together like peanut butter and jam. It’s a winning combination. You get all the extra storage capacity that comes with a pullout drawer. It’s really easy to get to the things at the back, and the soft-close mechanism cushions the draw so everything stays upright.

Glue vs Joints

These days, the dovetail joint is more of an expression of craftsmanship than of quality.

Dovetails joints are strong, very strong, and they look super stylish, but they aren’t any stronger than glue.

You can get modern glues that are stronger than the materials they’ve bound together. The catch with glue is you can’t go too cheap if you want longer-lasting adhesive chemistry.

I can go on about this all day, but the gist of it is that there is no right or wrong answer. Glue doesn’t mean cheap and nasty anymore. Both, are mass-manufactured, and if the quality is there, both make good bathroom vanities.

Remember that part of what makes a dovetail so strong is that it gives you more glueable surfaces.

Closing Remarks On Getting The Perfect Bathroom Vanity

If you do your research, take your time, and shop around, you’ll get a great bathroom vanity in no time at all. There are some real bargains out there.

Have any questions or need help, procuring, selecting or installing your new bathroom vanity? Call Pete from Maintain To Profit to learn how we can help.

Phone number: 021 244 5081

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