No compromises on quality for new Auckland West MTP franchise

July 19, 2021

No compromises on quality for new Auckland West MTP franchise

by Renovations | Jul 19, 2021 | Auckland West, blog

Grant Narbey – Auckland West Licence Owner

Having started SCUBA diving at the age of 14, new Maintain To Profit Auckland West franchise holder Grant Narbey went on to pursue a career as a commercial diver in the construction and maintenance industry where meticulous planning, attention to detail and quality of workmanship can literally be a life-or-death scenario – and he’s bringing those values to renovations and maintenance projects out West.

“We recently sub-divided and renovated our own home, and I was disappointed by the quality of some of the work and the number of call-backs for work not done or not done properly – it seems me there is an opportunity to bring the skills I learned in project management and getting the job right first time in the dive industry to the renovations business.”

Originally from Timaru, Grant haș lived in West Auckland since 2003 and took up the Maintain To Profit West Auckland region after calling it a day in the commercial diving industry due to all the travel. “Doing our renovations showed me there was an opportunity for strong project management skills, quality workmanship and doing what you say you’re going to do.”

Grant’s focus in West Auckland – which he sees as a region undergoing massive growth and change – is to develop strong relationships with Maintain To Profit’s clients such as property managers and homeowners, as well as the sub-contractors who will help him get the job done. Check out some of our recently completed projects here

“I’m dedicated to the job and dedicated to building relationships based on quality and service,” Grant says. “I value getting our pricing and timing right and developing trust with both our customers and sub-contractors.”

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