Maintain To Profit Renovations Opens Up In The Waikato Operating With Its HQ Out Of Hamilton

February 23, 2017

Maintain To Profit Renovations Opens Up In The Waikato Operating With Its HQ Out Of Hamilton

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Maintain To Profit Renovations is always striving ahead to meet the demands of New Zealand’s people when it comes to building renovations and design.

One of the fastest growing regions in New Zealand is the Waikato. Within the Waikato region, Hamilton is growing at an exponential rate. Back in 2014 it was suggested that 26 families a week were moving into the area with the North East being developed and gaining popularity.

Currently, Hamilton has New Zealand’s fourth largest urban area, and is one of our fastest growing cities. Both urban and northern migration are key factors in Hamilton’s growth as people are drawn to the city for employment and education.

Hamilton is located in the heart of the Waikato, one of New Zealand’s richest Agricultural regions. The Waikato is New Zealand’s highest export region and accounts for around 20% of the country’s total exports. Agriculture, biotechnology, light innovation, transport logistics, science research and education dominate most of Hamilton’s economy but other industrial sectors such as manufacturing and retail are emerging and provide a diverse employment environment in the city.

Many “greenfield” areas have been opened up for development. The middle of 2016 saw 3400 plots available for building with more in the pipeline to allow for further city development.

This expansion and the movement of people from places like Auckland to the perceived more economically friendly Waikato area has increased demands for building companies and their labourers.

When expansion in an area takes off, it is always good to be in the middle of it all. Because of the stability of the area, and the likely ongoing expansion, Maintain To Profit Renovations has chosen to open in the Waikato and we have moved our HQ to Hamilton.

We see this move as an exciting adventure and we are really looking forward to working with new builds, renovations and maintenance projects in the Hamilton and Waikato region.

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