Affordable Renovations From Auckland To Hamilton

April 6, 2018

Affordable Renovations From Auckland To Hamilton

by | Apr 6, 2018 | Building Talk

With the never-ending demand for property in central areas such as Auckland and Hamilton there will continue to be an ever increasing trend of cost on materials and labour.

This is especially the case when you are a homeowner that has recently decided to renovate or upgrade. Whether it’s a bathroom renovation, kitchen renovation or complete home extension

What’s your first move?

Like so many if you don’t know a builder personally you will most likely go online and Google for Auckland renovations or Hamilton renovations if you are located in those areas. You may already have plans or may need some.

Most builders you contact may not be able to assist with services outside their own profession. For example if you intend to extend your property; you will need architects, engineers and other specialist trades to plan the extent and cost of the project.


Most home owners don’t want to “manage” a dozen trades and most builders don’t want to be liable for what other trades do, so as a home owner you are caught in the middle!

If you get the builder to organise these trades he will clip the ticket on every invoice and later when there is a problem the builder will most likely point you in the direction of the third party trade he recommended who is not really showing much interest in your problem. This is common problem in the renovation industry. When there is money to be made, everyone lines up but when there is problem the hot potato gets passed around and no one is interested.

So what can you do to avoid renovation cost blowouts?

Follow the seven golden rules before engaging a builder:

  • Lookup the builder’s background using the internet. Read testimonials and ask around.
  • Get at least three quotes for comparison purposes.
  • Ask a lot a questions. There is no such thing as a stupid question. Make sure you understand the answers and ask more questions.
  • Make sure your expectations are clearly understood.
  • If possible sign up with Master Builders before starting your renovation.
  • Make sure you have enough cash to cover all expenses and it’s a good idea to have a 10%-20% safety net just in case.
  • Make sure you get all compliance documents before they pack up and leave.

Maintain To Profit Renovations cover all aspects of renovations and construction. Not only do we have a solid portfolio but hundreds of satisfied clients New Zealand wide! We can assist from the first concept design right through to renovation completion and code of compliance.

We pride ourselves in quality and customer satisfaction. Why not give us a ring and find out for yourself. Our friendly team is always ready to assist with any renovation or building requirements you may have.

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