Sunnynook home and bathroom renovation

December 19, 2016

Sunnynook home and bathroom renovation

by | Jan 20, 2023 | North Shore

The Sunnynook Road complete home and bathroom renovation is a great example of how “doing up” your existing home can reap fantastic rewards! Often people think about renovating and decide it is just too hard and there’s too much work to be done and give up. This is where having a chat with us at Maintain To Profit can really pay off.

Bathroom before renovation


Bathroom after renovation


Have a look at the before and after photos for our project at Sunnynook Road.

This property had seen a lot of life lived between its four walls. In fact, so much life had been lived in it, the interior hadn’t been touched since it was built. It has been some time since bright pumpkin orange has been seen as the height of interior design and yet this gorgeous color was found everywhere throughout this house!

Typical for the age of the house there were lots of dividing walls to separate spaces, however, all this really serves to do is close in the light and provides no real sight lines or a feeling of space in an otherwise large home.

The paint on the walls had thinned with age – or perhaps only one coat was ever applied and the walls looked dark and unclean because of it.

The carpets had worn over time and were threadbare in places. There were various stains throughout the house that no amount of carpet cleaning was ever going to remove.

The rooms that had wallpaper, had wallpaper that had sustained damage with parts torn off and others lifting away from the walls where the glue had lost its “stick”.

So how could this house be turned into a modern home with a renovation? Because of the size of the home, this was not a small project. Each room had its issues that needed to be dealt with but Maintain To Profit has great project management and methodically we work through your home ensuring each room is renovated to perfection.

The Kitchen in this house was… out of this world. A long, long time ago it would have been the height of fashion. But now, not so much. The entire kitchen was removed. Instead of having a tiny breakfast bar across the narrow space, the new kitchen ran the length of the room. This design provides much more workbench space and helps give the impression the kitchen is bigger than it is.

The wall that divided the dining and family room was removed so that from the kitchen you can now see right through to the family room, providing sight lines and extra light to all of the spaces. New vinyl flooring was laid in the kitchen – which is cost-effective and a great flooring choice for a high-traffic, high-spill area. To give a design point of difference, the vinyl and carpet join was cut on a diagonal – again this helps to draw your eyes into the lounge.

The dining area was incorporated into the family room. This allowed for the new kitchen to take up some of the previously dedicated dining space and gave the kitchen some much-needed functionality.

When it came to choosing wall colors the whole home was painted white. This is a great reflective light choice and helps give your home a clean, crisp feel. It is also an economic choice as white paint is usually a tad cheaper to buy as you don’t have to pay for tinting or mixing.

Some high-quality elephant grey carpet was installed throughout the home giving continuity to the design and a luxurious element to have underfoot.

There were walls throughout the house that were concrete blocks. Instead of adding Gib to these walls – which can quickly eat up a lot of your budget – we chose to waterproof these walls to stop any exterior moisture seepage and then gave these walls a triple coat of paint to seal them and make them look like new. You can still see the block shapes but with a decent coat of paint, it can almost look like a design feature.

The bathrooms were rooms, like the kitchen that really needed to be rebuilt from scratch. All of the old facilities were removed. The floors were laid with the same wood-style vinyl used in the kitchen. Again, vinyl is a great choice for high-traffic areas and is an especially good choice in wet areas for its water-resistant properties.

With a coat of paint on the walls, and a new vanity, toilet, and shower box you can see how both of these bathrooms could appear in a homes magazine now.

The difference this simple renovation made to this home is amazing. By choosing a simple color palette and by spending your money on the rooms that require the most attention (usually the kitchen and bathrooms) you can end up with a home to love for decades to come.

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