Renovations In The Eastern Suburbs Of Auckland

February 22, 2016

Renovations In The Eastern Suburbs Of Auckland

by | Feb 22, 2016 | Other Building News

We at Maintain To Profit Renovations are your one stop shop in all things to do with renovating, remodeling or rebuilding. We work as your partner who is qualified, certified, experienced and ready to go. We are alongside you from the initial design idea to the end. We provide superior renovations for superior homes throughout New Zealand, for example we have many happy clients in the eastern suburbs of Auckland like Mission Bay, Remuera, Orakei, Howick, Clevedon, Pakuranga, Panmure, Glen Innes, the list goes on. Let’s look at five areas of your home that we can help with.

Home Extensions. Whether you have a growing family, decided to work from home, need extra room for your guests or just need more space, we can help your ideas come to life. An extension certainly costs a lot less than buying a bigger house and can save all the stress that goes along with buying and selling. Adding an extra bedroom is surprisingly inexpensive. Or maybe you want an extra living area so you can put the kids in one while you relax in the other. Again you will find the cost not that expensive. Or if you can’t go out have you though about going up? Also one popular thing to do nowadays is to turn the garage into an extra room, a great idea as the garage already has walls, a floor and a roof. Renovating a garage actually costs about half of what you would spend on a new addition. As you can see there are a lot of options in home extensions and we can help you find the best solution that fits your ideas and budget.

With kitchens make sure you do a lot of planning. We at renovations can help to make sure everything is ready and the tradesmen are confirmed. Although kitchens are the most expensive room to renovate they are also the most rewarding. Normally the kitchen is the heart of the home, so you can easily make it a more enjoyable room to be in. Think about things like benchtops, splash backs, taps. Maybe you can put in a breakfast island which are very popular these days. But remember the shape of your kitchen will impact its layout so it’s a good idea to discus this with a draughtman. While doing your kitchen it’s a good idea to upgrade your plumbing, drainage, electrical wiring and lighting.


With bathroom renovations simple changes can give big rewards. Your bathroom should be your personal sanctuary so spend a lot of time planning. The trick is to keep major elements where they are. But have some fun here, think of sculptural faucets, colourful lighting on dimmers. Make sure you get a plumber in while doing this to check out all your pipes to save money and damage in the long run.

A new deck installation is a wonderful addition that won’t break the bank. They are a must have in New Zealand whether it’s for that summer BBQ or enjoying a wine under the stars when the kids are in bed, we can fit the deck to your needs and your budget.

Exterior and Landscaping. You can do a lot of this yourself but may need to call in professionals for things like retaining walls and it’s a good idea to hire one for painting your home as they can help choose a long wearing paint. A professional can also help with roofing to choose the right solution. For example a coastal house will need a different option to an inland house.

So give us a call and let us help your dreams come true.

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