Renovation At Fairlane Ave

March 26, 2017

Renovation At Fairlane Ave

by | Mar 26, 2017 | Home Renovations, Kitchen Renovations

Updating an older style home need not be a major mission. With some good choices and a great team behind your renovation you can achieve fantastic results.

Over time homes become tired and dated looking. Day to Day living with people give them a rather worn-in feel – which can be homely or depressing. The line is rather fine.

Our customers at Fairlands Avenue, Waterview asked Maintain To Profit Renovations to rescue their house and make it a 2016 worthy home again. Check out the results!


Seeing as the home had original hardwood flooring, it was a great choice to strip this back and re-polyurethane the wood to bring it back to its former glory. Often re-polyurethaning hardwood – if it is still in good condition – is a great investment. It is also a preferred choice if people in your home suffer from allergies. It does not harbour mites or collect dust like carpet does so is a healthier choice.

We kept the colour palette for the walls a simple, modern, light grey. This reflects the sunlight that comes into the room and helps keep it bright and spacious feeling.

Instead of pendant style lighting fixtures we went with modern downlights which work well with the contemporary feel of the home.


The kitchen just screams WOW. It is contemporary, modern, with sleek lines and great usability. Choosing drawers for storage instead of cupboards is a great way of utilising space better – especially for those inconvenient kitchen items like pots and pans.

Many home cooks complain of not having enough bench space – this is one thing you can’t complain about with this kitchen. In prior decades, kitchens were not thought out well. Often there is plenty of space in the kitchen area but with poor design you are left with an unfunctional space.

If you note the direction of the flooring in the kitchen – the benches are running parallel to the flooring. This draws your eyes lengthways and gives the impression the kitchen is longer than it is.


If you are considering a kitchen upgrade – check out the pendant lighting chosen in this kitchen. The breakfast bar needs light and by having dropped pendants it provides great light for when the kids are doing their homework or you are using the space for food. The fixtures chosen were simple but are elegant in their design. This gives an air of sophistication to the kitchen.

Not only that but as this is an open plan kitchen/lounge area the drop down pendants over the breakfast bar allow for a visual separation of areas.



Although there was hardwood through out the house, the bedrooms are a place where luxury underfoot never goes amiss. New ultra lush carpet was installed in the bedrooms and it alone gives the rooms a comforting feel.
By using the same wall paint colour throughout the home, all the rooms of the house are tied together giving some uniformity.

One way to help differentiate the spaces though is by choosing window treatments and different décor.
The kids room looks like a kid’s room with simple room décor stickers bring the plain walls to life and some bright stripy curtains.

The master bedroom however has been kept simple and clear and looks elegant.


So whether you are needing just one room or a whole home renovation Maintain To Profit Renovations are the people to talk to. We can help you with whatever your design desires are and work within your budget. Often people worry that they won’t be able to afford what they like but our team of experts can help you achieve the renovation of your dreams.

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