Is It Time For A Bathroom Renovation?

January 27, 2016

Is It Time For A Bathroom Renovation?

by | Jan 27, 2016 | Bathroom Renovations

Being a new year many people are thinking of renovating their house. Bathroom renovations are thought of especially over the holiday period when the line for the bathroom has grown, with everyone being home at the same time. Or you suddenly have lots of family and visitors around. Then as time goes on you have the problem of older children spending more time in the bathroom or having a bigger family. Changes in circumstances can really make you start dreaming of a bigger bathroom. Consider the fact that in a lifetime the average person can spend 1.5 years in a bathroom, renovating your bathroom can quickly become a necessity.

Or maybe you just want to update your current bathroom for a more modern look? Shower heads on a hose have become very popular for example as they are great for showering young children or the family dog. In NZ owning your own home is the dream and if you reach that dream the bathroom is usually one of the first rooms you want to renovate. Adding a bath for that nice long soak for example. Sometimes you just want a change, a new sink or a new modern toilet to vamp up your current bathroom.

When you have decided to make a change it can quickly go from fun, ideas and wishes to one big headache as you try to juggle costs and budgets with plumbers, electricians and the like. You need to balance what you want with what you can afford and who can provide what and when.

Put the joy back into renovating with just one company. Maintain To Profit Renovations will do it all for you. We will organise everything and help you keep to your budget. We work in partnership with you from your first ideas and dreams right through to the finished product, taking care of everything. We will talk to you about aspects you haven’t thought of like making sure the pipes in your bathroom haven’t deteriorated and become dangerous after all it is a dirty space with a constant water flow so it’s a good idea to get it sorted while your renovating your bathroom. We also can give you money saving ideas like keeping the main fixtures in the same place and just upgrading them, or reusing certain things rather than just replacing everything. We are fully qualified and 100% dedicated to your happiness. Visit our bathroom renovations page for more information or give us a call and make your dreams into a reality today.


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