House Renovation Mangere

June 25, 2020

House Renovation Mangere

by | Jun 25, 2020 | Bathroom Renovations, Kitchen Renovations, South East Auckland

Renovating To Sell

Our clients at this address came to us for help to renovate their homes. They had engaged other companies to provide a quote but didn’t feel that their priorities would be met within their budget. We regularly complete this type of renovation when a home has been lived in, but not updated for some time. We were able to take the list of client wants and tailor the budget to make the biggest impact for re-sale. The home itself was a classic 1950’s style bungalow. We get quite excited to see these old homes, generally, the structure is good and they have beautiful character. In this case, the flooring was native matai, such a joy to find. Here is a before and after of the living room.

Which Areas To Renovate?

We recommend that the best areas to renovate if you want to add value, are the kitchen and bathroom. If you have the budget it’s worth adding quality fixtures with a neutral color scheme to appeal to more buyers. Our clients went for white embossed cabinetry with recessed handles and soft closure fittings with a 30 mm Granite bench-top.

Take a look at the before and after pictures

In the bathroom, the existing plumbing was laid out poorly and the area was very small. The client opted to get rid of the bath and install a frameless glass shower over a PVC tray with a single wall-mounted vanity. This option suited their budget and gave the feeling of space when you walked into the room.

Sticking To The Budget

It’s easy to get carried away when it comes to renovating your home. You can spend an endless amount of money if you have the budget. It’s always important to remember that there will be a limit to what a buyer will spend in your area. We advise that you find out what that limit is if you want to sell your home. We worked closely with our clients to respect their budget and complete the best quality work within their limit. The walls and ceilings were painted and repaired rather than completely re-gibbed. We can’t believe the difference a coat of paint made to the feel of the house.

Thinking of Renovating?

We absolutely love to help our clients transform their homes, we have the knowledge and experience to complete these renovations on time and to budget. If you would like some help and advice, please give us a call and you could be our next happy client.

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