3 Things to consider for old home Renovations

January 6, 2022

3 Things to consider for old home Renovations

by Renovations | Jan 6, 2022 | Auckland CBD

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As we enter a new year old homes only get older and in more need for a renovation spruce up. The most common old home we come across is the highly sought Victorian Villa. Those living in the central Auckland suburbs such as Parnell, Ponsonby or Herne Bay will be very familiar with the charm these old homes bring to the neighbourhood. So, if you are looking to buy into a piece of New Zealand history then one must be prepared to make a few modifications. There are over 85,000 villas that have yet to be upgraded or renovated so there is a good chance of buying something that needs a little extra love.

Here are 3 renovation tips for renovating old homes

1. Respect the Street Facade

The real reason people fall in love with old homes is the look. That’s to say, people like how the home looks from the street. Therefore when renovating an older home such as a villa it is important to take a restoration approach when working on the exterior.

Respecting the design of the old home when approaching a renovation can add some challenge, but in the end you’ll be left with a piece of living history. That is why it is work home exterior restoration and upgrades.

2. Old Home Interior Renovation – Gut it all

It’s important to remember that old homes tend to not be up to modern standards. Typically, old homes are cold, have terrible draughts, and do not account for sunlight correctly. Furthermore, the layout of bedrooms and bathrooms leave much to be desired.

We recommend biting the bullet and starting from scratch when possible. Understandably, this level of work will be out of many people’s budget, yet internal renovations can turn a great looking old home into a livable one too.

3. Keep Warm

If there is any renovation tip you should listen to in this guide it is this one. Insulation is a priority. Homes from the early twentieth century are notoriously cold. It is not an exaggeration when people say their old villa is an ice box. In the summer months these homes are beautiful and cool, however winter can get nasty.

New developments in insulation combined with draught stopping, double glazing and a heat pump can guarantee you a warm home in the winter and a cool one in the summer.

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