Photo of Deepak

Deepak owns the licence for MTP Auckland South East region. He is a Qualified Civil Engineer with 20 years experience in the construction industry across New Zealand, the Middle East and Asia. He has worked in various roles in project management, design and quality management on residential buildings, commercial, high-rise buildings, and infrastructure projects.

Deepak has worked on some of the iconic buildings in Auckland, such as Commercial Bay and The Pacifica Towers in the city centre. He is passionate about delivering his work to the highest standard and on time. Outside of work and his passion for motorcycles and travelling, Deepak loves working with the community. He is a Community Patroller, Athletics New Zealand Official and used to be a Voluntary First responder with St John’s Ambulance. He is well supported by his wife Shobha, and two lovely children Cyrus and Cheryl who are good athletes that keep their daddy running and fit.