Welcome Our New Tauranga Owner

March 15, 2018

Welcome Our New Tauranga Owner

by | Mar 15, 2018 | About Renovations

We have a new license owner for our Tauranga division. A big welcome to Randy Offenbaker!

Randy Offenbaker

Randy is now our man to go to in Tauranga if you want to renovate your home. Randy started his career in the banking industry, working his way through to management roles. Then, after working in the bakery industry for 16 years, he realized he was ready for a new challenge. This was presented to him in 2001 when he found work in the building industry as a Hammer hand. Following his time on the tools, he then found himself working in supervisory roles, management and project management roles in Renovations. Randy is very passionate about renovating. He believes in great communication with both clients and contractors, bringing outstanding services and quality workmanship to every project.

As a Volunteer Fire Fighter since 2001, he enjoys the challenges of the job and finds helping his community very rewarding. He enjoys working around the garden, being creative, playing golf and enjoys time spent with his family and friends He has two adult girls and a wonderful supportive partner Tracey and her two children.

If you are planning a renovation in Tauranga, Randy is the man you need in the job. He will ensure that your project will go as you expect and that the results are exactly what you are after. Contact us today to get Randy on your project!

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