South Waikato Kitchen Renovation

August 5, 2021

South Waikato Kitchen Renovation

by | Aug 5, 2021 | Waikato South

The kitchen is the heart of the home, so it is no wonder it was the first choice for this Waikato homes renovation. People spend most of their day in the kitchen, so it must be functional as well as visually aesthetic. Our client Lisa had a kitchen that was getting outdated and was far too small to do any meaningful cooking. She decided to call Maintain To Profit Waikato South to help her with her kitchen renovation.

It all had to go

It was decided in the planning phase of this kitchen renovation that the entire kitchen would need to be pulled out and built again from scratch. One thing we identified was the wasted space taken up by the large pantry.

We decided to remove the cabinets on the right side of the kitchen and install a new countertop. This effectively doubled the amount of the bench real estate. We were then able to install an integrated stove and oven. This keeps the countertop flat and flush, creating a easy to clean, and visually pleasing environment.

The Floor was replaced with wood and the dull grey walls painted white. This significantly changed the atmosphere of the kitchen.

Another successful south Waikato kitchen renovation

Looking at the before and after they look like completely different homes. It’s so incredible that entire homes can be transformed into something so much greater. This renovation extended throughout the entire home and breathed new life into this home. The property value for this south Waikato home saw a great increase after this kitchen renovation.

If you are in the South Waikato region thinking about starting your own renovation, call us at 0508 2 73668 or contact us online here. Your renovation starts with Maintain To Profit Waikato South.

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