South East Auckland Renovation Before and After

April 21, 2017

South East Auckland Renovation Before and After

by | Apr 21, 2017 | South East Auckland

Walking into your home and sighing because you just wish it was more modern, you wish there wasn’t so much that needed repairing or you wish it was no longer a dated shade of orange is never a good sign. Although you can choose whatever design or colour you like for your home, when you choose bold colours and designs you are usually left wanting to change them after a few years. Change = money. If you stick with the tried and true method of functionality, practicality and neutral tones you will find that you get much better value for money.

Our client came to Maintain To Profit Renovations wanting to update their house. Although there was a neutral palate with white walls and wooden detailing, the kitchen was tired, the carpet had lost its tension and had started to ripple and overall the house looked worn.

Ramin and his team got to work. Whilst the floor design worked when the house was built, our client found that each room in the living area was quite cut off from the next. This left the living areas feeling disjointed. If you were in the Kitchen it was difficult to talk to people in the Lounge and if you were cooking in the Kitchen there was no way to keep an eye on what the kids were doing in the Lounge.


After checking that the walls were not load bearing, Ramin opened up the wall that separated the Lounge from the Dining Room. This gave a much better sense of space and a lot more actual room for people to enjoy.


When installing a new kitchen, instead of copying the original design with cupboards on 3 walls, Ramin and his team installed a new singular bench kitchen with large designed cupboards and space for a fridge at the far end. With the newly opened up Kitchen/Lounge wall this gave more room to move about in the kitchen and easier access to the appliances and Dining room.


The flooring in Kitchens and Dining rooms receive a lot of foot traffic. The old brown vinyl was removed and replaced with new wooden laminate flooring. This is hard wearing and if it ever gets damaged it is a simple task to remove the damaged board with a new one. The wooden laminate flooring was laid horizontally, parallel to the design of the Kitchen. This draws your eyes lengthways and gives the living area the appearance of being longer than it actually is.

Within the living areas a new coat of paint was applied and the wooden detailing around the door frames was also painted out. This was to remove any darker surfaces so the light would bounce around the room better.

The hallway carpet was removed and new wooden laminate was installed down the hallway. Hallways, like living areas, receive high foot traffic and soft coverings on the floors will never last as well as hard covering. The walls were also given a new coat of paint and the hallway looks like new.


Whether you are planning, already have plans or need a reliable company to pick up someone else’s slack, Ramin at Maintain To Profit Renovations is your professional partner in providing affordable key turn solutions. Maintain To Profit Renovations are qualified, certified, experienced and ready to do any size renovation work in South Auckland. Ramin covers East Tamaki, Botany, Flatbush, Otara, Takanini, Papakura, Drury, Whitford, Clevedon, Hunua, or Pukekohe. Give Ramin a call today on 0508 2 RENOVATE.When looking at renovating, sometimes just a simple coat of paint can make a room look completely different. However, like with this renovation, a few small changes like a new Kitchen and opening up a wall can make a house really feel like a home.

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