Redecoration or Renovation?

May 5, 2020

Redecoration or Renovation?

by | May 5, 2020 | Renovations

Many of our clients want to improve their homes either as they wish to create a better living environment or they want to sell to move on to greener pastures

When looking at the project you are going to undertake firstly consider what you want to achieve. For example, you are looking to increase your selling price by $200,000 or are you trying to create a fresh look for your tired property but already have enough space with your property to cope with the size of your family? This can often be achieved by redecoration without the need for major renovation.

Firstly, and most importantly, work out what your budget will be and then set about planning your project. Take your list to your local Mitre 10 store and have them help you price all of the materials you are going to need. If you need tradespeople, have them provide you with quotes and work out how much of your time is going to be needed to complete all the work.

Most people over-capitalise on their projects because they are unprepared or simply get carried away. There are many ways to improve both the value of your property and bring it into the 20th century without spending a fortune. For example, wallpaper in good condition can be sealed and painted over with great results and it will be bright, fresh and appealing for buyers or for you to live in. Spend time with colour charts and get advice from your paint consultant in store at Mitre 10. They will advise you on preparation, the correct paints to use and how to achieve a great result.

In your kitchen, consider the work surfaces first. First, ask yourself what condition they are in, because bench tops can be easily changed and new tapware installed at a fraction of the price of a new kitchen. With a little time on them, older wooden units can be sanded and painted and will look great with new handles on them.

Bathrooms can have new shower fittings and taps installed and older baths can be re-enamelled in most cases, reducing the cost of buying new and installing. Fitting new chrome shower rails and getting a new shower curtain or sliding door will give the bathroom a great new feel. New towel rails and toilet roll holders will again just make that difference that you and potential buyers will notice.

Always remember that the outside space of your property is what makes a home.

Paint the fence on a nice day or spend a little time on your garden, plants such as grasses are extremely cost effective and look great when surrounded by bark or river stone.

Small paved areas for outdoor tables and chairs can cost as little as a few hundred dollars. A few hours of paving will provide you with an outdoor entertaining area or another selling feature for your property, particularly in summer. Consider putting up trellis to give privacy and create an extra outside space.

When selling your home, it’s a great time to look at your furnishings and make sure that they match the redecoration you have completed.

Old furniture will decrease the value of your property and will spoil all your hard work so consider buying new furniture if you know what house you are going to live in next or hire it on a week to week basis whilst selling. Put your old furniture into storage for that periods and de-clutter every room at the same time.

Staging homes can add serious value as you can cover old carpets with new rugs to avoid having to replace them. You can enhance your walls with pictures, setting off your new paintwork and providing an insight into what a nice comfortable place your home is to live in.

Think of how much money you will save if you can carefully prepare a budget and complete a list of work by redecorating rather than undertaking a major renovation. The left over cash can be used on new furniture for your home if you choose.

Winter is a great time to get your redecorating hat on and get that project underway so remember plan your project, do a budget, get some advice from Mitre 10 and enjoy your project, whether selling or to improve your lifestyle.

Mark Trafford Director “Maintain To Profit”

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