Recent Wordsworth Road Renovation

November 24, 2016

Recent Wordsworth Road Renovation

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Maintain To Profit Renovations and the team was contacted by a homeowner, whose property in Wordsworth Road was in need of repair and renovation.

Ramin met with the homeowner and they discussed what the needs were in the home and what the homeowner wanted to accomplish by the end of the project. Some before and after photos from the Wordsworth Road project are below. Take a look through and see the transformation for yourself.

The Kitchen


Although not in terrible disrepair, the kitchen of this property was looking tired. The cabinets had ingrained grime and the tiled back-splash certainly was in need of an update. Some of the cabinet doors had long fallen off and were nowhere to be found.


There was a doorway that leads directly into the kitchen. This was blocked off and the kitchen gained well-needed space. This allowed for extra storage and new cabinetry. The color scheme was kept neutral so that the scheme would not age so well as color trends change in the future and new hardwood laminate flooring was installed. This instantly freshened the area and is a practical solution to a high-traffic area like a kitchen.

The Dining Room

The dining room was stuck in an 80s time warp. The yellow stained glass and brown joinery made a tired, cramped space look and feel much smaller than it truly was.


What a transformation! Ramin and his team extended the hardwood laminate flooring from the kitchen all the way through to the Dining Room. This elongates both spaces and gives a sense of space. With a light wall colour and new clear glass and stainless steel joinery, the dining room is now clean and inviting.


The Lounge

In a bygone era, archways were popular throughout homes. These days though, there is a big preference for slick clean lines throughout your home and so, the archways had to go. Over time, carpet had been replaced one room at a time but this left an inconsistent feel throughout the home. There was no heating available in the lounge and having portable heating was dangerous due to the lack of space.


Ramin and team removed the archway and opened up the walk through with clean squared edges. This helps give a greater sense of space. Looking through to the lounge from the dining room, you are now greeted with an inviting space – one with consistent colored carpet in a dark hue to alleviate any noticeable stains and marks, a light wall colour – the same as the rest of the home and a newly installed heat pump to keep the family warm and cosy on a cold winters day (or night). New down-lights provide ambiance and modern lighting for the area.


The Hallway

Having dark colors in small spaces draws the walls in and tricks your eyes into thinking there is no space. The hall was tired. Over time, the paint had been knocked, stickers added by children over the years to the doors and it was not an open nor refreshing space.


Fresh paint on the walls and ceilings helps to lighten a tight area and give it a sense of space. By painting the old dark wooden veneer doors and running the same carpet throughout the house – room to room – your eyes are drawn into the different areas the hall leads you to instead of the dark statement doors.


The Laundry


This laundry looked like a quick afterthought. There was no space, no practicality and little to no functionality at all. The homeowners had attempted to create space using shelving but this was in an awkward position and didn’t serve too much purpose.

Ramin and his team removed all traces of the cramped, overcrowded laundry. A new, slimline washtub was installed and the same practical hardwood, laminate flooring was laid as in the kitchen and dining areas. The walls were scrubbed, prepped for painting and then painted the same tones as the rest of the home. The result is a clean, spacious laundry with plenty of room for both a washing machine and a wall-mounted dryer.

The Toilet

The toilet is not space you generally want to spend a lot of time in, and when it is dull and unloved you are even less inclined to like the space. This room in this house had not seen any attention in a long time. Small repairs had been made here and there, but the jobs were unfinished and it all added up to a room with a function but not a room to admire.


The clutter, the toilet unit, the wall beading, and the flooring were all removed. Small spaces should always have a minimalistic look to them. This keeps them looking as big as possible and your eyes are drawn to the right places, instead of the clutter. The toilet unit, although functional was old-fashioned and had discolored with sun damage and time. The new unit in a crisp white porcelain finish portrays cleanliness and looks modern and fresh. The homeowners chose to tile the toilet and bathroom (see below) in a matching neutral scheme. Tiles are a great flooring option for wet areas as they can have a slip-resistant coating and repel water well.


The Bathroom

The bathroom had not had a lot of love in a long time. Years of use, along with little to no maintenance had effected this small space. The shower surrounds were rotten from water left sitting, and a leak had developed under the base in the floor. The bath was old and needed refinishing or replacing and there was little storage.


The bathroom renovation required a complete overhaul. First Ramin spoke to the homeowners about how they use the bathroom now and what was useful to have in the bathroom for the family. They chose to remove the bath as it was rarely used and the shower was replaced with a modern shower box. Ventilation was installed directly above the shower to help remove some of the steam when the shower was in use. The new vanity was installed on the wall so that if any water was to remain on the floor or be spilled it would not affect the bottom of the vanity – this also allows for easier cleaning of the bathroom floors. A new mirrored double-door medicine cabinet was installed. Mirrors are a great way of making spaces feel bigger as they reflect their surroundings.


The Exterior

Like the inside of the home, the outside really was looking worse for wear. There was no street appeal left and there was half finished jobs that left the house looking unkempt and in ill repair.


A few small changes and what a difference! Often a coat of paint can instantly change the whole look of a property. Here the battens were replaced and the whole exterior painted. Having removed the stained yellow glass French doors from the dining room really improved the look of the house from both inside and out. The home now looks fresh and welcoming.


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