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Renovating one’s own home gives the feeling of accomplishment and pride once the design is finished. But going through the details can be a bit daunting for most–renovation builders fulfil their tasks in maximizing their strengths and services for clients.

The Boom of Home Improvement

Home renovation falls under the bigger hat of home improvement. The industry has become the fastest growing retail sector in New Zealand with an increase of 60 percent from 2012–with an estimate of 30 percent of homes being renovated.

The Certified Builders Association has seen a trend in expanding existing land and home space as opposed to purchasing new property. The reason being that there is apprehension of being able to move back in a residence. Extensive renovations are often made in bedrooms and bathrooms–sometimes with the addition of a garage. The demand of an upkeep of present houses comes in the midst of an increase in house prices in Auckland and surrounding areas.

Renovations or Remodelling?

Renovation and remodelling house procedures are both aesthetic changes to a home or structure. The difference between them is the extent to which the transformation takes place.

Renovation focuses on the re-creation of a dilapidated space and often times, the pre-existing condition of the establishment is enough to be retained. Remodelling is not simply changing the surroundings or the decor but creating even the foundation of a home if necessary. This would include changing even the basic features of a room to make way for other additional components that would enhance it.

Remodelling in a home is better for its functionality; from a designer and decorator’s perspective, a renovation is more ideal. Depending on one’s preference, renovation can range from interior, exterior and extensions such as gardens and garages. There are different objectives of why people choose to renovate. These are usually based on comfort, maintenance and repair, energy-saving, and safety/preparation.

Renovation Builder Qualifications

A renovation builder’s job is crucial as s/he will be in charge of the construction. This post requires sets of specialized skills that help navigate the process and depends crucially on the client’s preference and involvement. On the builder’s end, to what extent is their participation in the project? These are some of the things that one must consider when choosing a sufficient renovation builder.

Experience and longevity (Renovations West Auckland) are the first two qualifications. Experience determines the work expected at the end of the project while longevity, also related to experience, determines knowledge of the industry. In New Zealand, tangible qualifications come in the form of engineering and construction certifications, geotechnical reports, and council approvals. More specifically, renovation specialists such as designer, quantity surveyor, consultant engineer and plumber. Other conditions that need permits are:

  • Alterations, structural repairs and other additions in the removal or changing of load-bearing walls
  • Alterations to inter-tenancy walls and replacement of all wall linings
  • Leaking building repairs and external wall installation of insulation
  • Existing building and structure demolition
  • Relocation of existing buildings
  • Removal of existing buildings
  • New extensions of site work
  • Changing or transforming building use
  • Plumbing work
  • Drainage work
  • Installation and replacement of burner, heater or open fire place
  • Pool installation within the establishments
  • Construction of fences that are two metres or higher

Source: (Edhouse, T. What Do You Need a Building Consent Form)

Majority of experienced renovation builders possess these qualifications and once such positions are established, crucial medium and long-term plans can be arranged to determine the conditions of the house once it is renovated and the estimated financial cost.

Major vs Minor Renovation Jobs

Major renovation work requires getting approval to move structures and decors around; it involves major structures for change such as demolition and construction. Thermal performance, insulation and pest-related issues have certifications. Minor renovations cover design, function, structural changes, repair and plumbing/electrical aspects.

Renovation jobs that may require permitsRenovation jobs that do not require permitsDecks & Fences

New Windows

New Water Heaters

Retaining walls

Moving or removing internal walls



Minor electrical repairs that do not involve transfer

Installing appliances and furniture.

Replace plumbing fixtures

New Homes

While new homes adapt to the modern lifestyle, the lack of carbon footprint is also a motivation for houses to be made. Building practices and sustainable materials are routinely checked to fulfil considerate environmental outcomes. Reusable building components can be negotiated to the builders.

Renovation in new homes comprise house extensions, house alterations, timber joinery replacement and repairs, wardrobe and loft conversions. For a more comprehensive lifestyle package, renovations can extend to the outdoors and landscape design. Residential construction makes room for the involvement of project management and supervision.

Preparing a house for renovation is a process on its own. Firstly, arranging the schedule on when to renovate could be as important as the renovation itself. Environment conditions during construction can affect the outcome of the house and/or structure. It is important to arrange, plan and coordinate with construction designers and builders so that the renovation goes smoothly.

Kitchen Renovations

Re-designing your kitchen starts with a layout. Planning makes for a more comprehensive output–you are informed of the different details of the room down to the kind of cabinet and color that you want. Ironically, renovating a kitchen by yourself could prove disastrous especially if you have no background for home improvement. Professionals save you time and money for their expertise.

Upgrading minor but important components in a kitchen can improve its design makeover. New countertops with substantial material gives for a different dining and cooking experience. The same goes for replacing sinks and dishwashers or any appliance that makes chores more efficient. Storage space is also overlooked; inventive storage solutions also improves quality time in the kitchen. The type of lights, table tops and chairs also affect the overall aesthetic.

Bathroom Renovations

Custom bathroom design is to be expected when renovating a bathroom. Naturally, plumbing is the priority. If water does not flow properly then the bathroom fails to serve its purpose. Upgrade pipes that are working less than they should. The same goes for toilets, sinks and showers. For a more luxurious treatment, upgrading lights, drawer storage and shower floors compliments the relaxing ambiance that your bathroom needs.

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