Fence me some privacy

September 18, 2016

Fence me some privacy

by | Sep 18, 2016 | Fences And Decks

Fences add value and security to a home or business, so let’s look at fences as there are many types, each with their own

unique advantages and style.


Type of FenceAverage CostBenefitsRock/stone$90 MWater resistant

Easy to build

Looks good


Hard to graffiti

Metal – Wrought iron$80 MDurable

Can have numerous shapes and patterns


(will rust so needs regular maintenance)

Metal – Stainless Steel$105 MRust resistant


Wont warp like wood can


Metal – Aluminium$110 MLow Maintenance



Wide range of colours and styles

Cement/Concrete$300 MLow maintenance

Good sound barrier

Easily repaired

Fire resistant

Wood$275 MCan be any length, style and colour



Glass (balustrade)$240 MEasy to maintain

Can see through, eg see the pool

Creates an illusion of bigger space

Looks good

Chain-link$165 (1x10M)Great for animals



Can be temporary

Easy to repair


Other things to remember are:

You can build up to 2 meters in height without getting planning consent from the council, but always check to make sure. In building a fence between you and your neighbor The Fencing Act sets out your rights and obligations. It is a good idea to check property boundary lines to make sure the fence is in the right place. If you have a pool a fence is required by law.



Stone – Stone fencing is very stable and durable and looks great. It can handle all weather and wont rot or be damaged by insects. It can even withstand fire. It’s also hard to graffiti. Requires little to no maintenance. Can be a very cheap option. A great style for homes near the sea as won’t be affected by salt spray.

Wrought Iron – very difficult to break so great for security. Easy to maintain and difficult to graffiti. Will last a long time as it won’t rot etc but you need to watch for rust. Great for home and business.

Stainless steel – This is great for places near the sea or rainy environments as it is resistant to corrosion. Another great fence for security as it can’t be broken through easily if at all. Is most used by hospitals and kitchens as it is easy to clean and low maintenance.

Aluminium – another low maintenance fence type. Is also strong and reliable and great from any property residential or


commercial. Is used to fence pools. Is great for land that slopes as it can be made to go with the land, to “hug” the land.

Concrete – Good to use as a sound barrier for roadside homes. Is easily repaired and needs no maintenance. Is fire resistant and bug resistant. One of the cheaper options. Able to be formed into any design

Wood – Can be made into any design or colour so great for a look you are going for with your home. Affordable. Easy to maintain and fix. Is a great option for those caring about the environment as can be disposed of easily.


Glass – The top option for pool fencing. Also for balconies. Gives the illusion of a bigger space. Great for when you are needing to supervise children. Secure and durable.

Chain-Link – Used mainly on sports fields and playgrounds. Also used in prisons and airports. This provides security as well as visibility. Require little to no maintenance. Durable and strong.

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