Erson Avenue Royal Oak, Auckland Renovation

January 5, 2017

Erson Avenue Royal Oak, Auckland Renovation

by | Jan 5, 2017 | Bathroom Renovations, Home Renovations, Kitchen Renovations

What can you do when your budget simply can’t stretch to update your bathroom or kitchen but you want to renovate your home?

The answer is simple – do the rest! But how do you incorporate older looking elements in your home to a fresh new interior scheme? Our project at Erson Avenue is a great example of this.

Our clients at Erson Avenue did not want to change the existing kitchen or bathroom features but wanted to modernise everything else.

As you look through the pictures from our renovation you’ll see that each room looks crisp, modern and bright. This can easily be achieved at your property with the right colour choices and finishes.

The kitchen at Erson Avenue was not worn and was in good shape. As the kitchen was not a large space, and the clients finances did not allow for a new kitchen design or installation, we replaced the flooring with modern wood look vinyl and painted the walls, ceiling and window frames. A new tiled backsplash was installed behind the oven and bench to provide a more serviceable and easy to clean surface. A new air extractor was installed above the oven to reduce the amount of moisture in the air whilst cooking and to remove any food smells from lingering in the kitchen.

The bathroom kept the original shower, vanity and toilet. But by replacing the flooring with new vinyl that had tan, black and grey undertones it helps to tie in the older looking features and make them look not so out of place.

The fireplace was replaced with an air conditioning unit. This is much more practical and cost effective for a small home and a safer option if you have young children in your home.

By choosing a soft palette for the walls and white detailing around the windows and doors, the home now gives the impression that there is more space than there is. The light reflects off the light surfaces and gives a cheery feel inside the home.

So whether you have a large home, a small home, a grand budget or a more humble one, miracles can be worked at your home. Consider what the most important factors are in your home, what simply must be changed and what you can live with for a bit longer until you save some more funds. Then give Maintain To Profit Renovations a call and see what we can do for your home – just see what kind of magic we can perform for you!





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