Do You Have A Leaky Home? Get Assistance For Repair!

February 8, 2014

Unfortunately, during the 1990’s the building standards in New Zealand were not quite up to the standard that they are now. As a result, many homes were built poorly and over-time started to leak. If you have a leaky home, we may be able to help.

Because the building standards did not specify how to use metal flashings when building, builders used poor sealants and silicons as a replacement. These were not up to the job and over time let water in. In 1998, the government at the time decided to allow the use of untreated timber in home construction. This made the problems even worse.

Because this became such a widespread problem, the current government has decided to offer assistance to owners of leaky homes, helping them financially to pay for the repair. If you believe that you own a leaky home, you will most likely be eligible for assistance. Contact us at Maintain To Profit Renovations and we will be able to help you to get the assistance you need to repair your home.

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