3 home renovation trends for 2022

December 8, 2021

3 home renovation trends for 2022

by | Dec 8, 2021 | Auckland West

Get excited for the new year by exploring some of the new renovation trends for 2022. Whether you are looking to spice up your home or add some value to your property the latest trends may offer you some great ideas. Renovating can be a lot like fashion, so it is worth considering the fad factor of the follow list. Just like fashion some things can quickly become tacky. However, we think we have found 3 renovation trends that are here to stay.

Colours are back

For the last few decades homes in Auckland have slowly become walls of greys and whites. Although there is nothing wrong with this as it creates a nice clean look it is rather boring. We are beginning to see people following the home renovation trend of paint their home neutral colours. Neutral colours bring a little life into the home without doing anything crazy. The natural colours reflect earthy tones with when paired with an inoffensive shade of green can create a soothing space.

The rise of the home office

If you thought the rise of the home office was a covid-19 trend, then you are wrong. Thousands of people have gotten a taste of working from home and are not turning back. Simply, working from home is here to stay. With that will come a demand for home office spaces. We expect many Kiwis to follow this renovation trend in 2022. Either by converting an unused room, subdividing existing spaces, or building extensions.


Unlike some of the more stylised trends on this list this one is here for the long run. With climate change becoming more of a hot button issue, the world is moving towards everything green. Electric cars and renewable energy are only one slice of the pie. Throw away culture is next in the sites for renovators. We can expect to see a rise in demand for sustainable building practices. Materials such as responsibly sourced timber and natural stones will be high demand. Some advice to those looking to build sustainably is to build quality. The extra money spent now on durable materials will last your home many years to come.

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