2 Home Renovations Tips for a Cosier Home

November 17, 2021

2 Home Renovations Tips for a Cosier Home

by Renovations | Nov 17, 2021 | Home Renovations

Home renovations are more than just upgrading the kitchens and bathrooms. Although popular and great for first time renovators, the real magic of home renovations is the ability to transform a living space into a cozy livable home. Too often are homes built cheaply with little consideration given to interior design.

We’re going to share some secrets to achieving a cozy living space that are sure to make you happy or boost your properties value drastically.


Lighting is one of the most important and overlooked aspects of home renovations. After all, it is easy to imagine what removing a wall might do to the space, but how will a well place light bring life to that space.

We are a huge fan of installing pendant lights. A pendant light with a nice shade will give a soft even glow to a room. They also help to create spaces in larger environments. Placing the dining table under a pendant light can help separate the space in one’s mind from the lounge just a few paces away.

Downlights with a dimmable switch are a must have in every room. The ability to control the mood of the room brings a unique level of adaptability. The ability to watch a movie with just a little bit of glow brings another level of warmth and coziness to the home.

All Home Renovations Need Colour

White walls are a popular design choice in many modern homes and for a good reason. White walls make a space feel clean and more spacious. However, the main reason for white walls is safety. It’s hard for white walls to look bad, and your design choices could impact your ability to sell later on. So, if you’re over white walls but don’t want to go overboard consider using natural or light pastel colours.

A nice charcoal or earthy brown on a back wall of a lounge can help shrink the space, and bring warmth. This can really help create a cozy space to relax.

For your next renovation get interior design tips from the pros at Maintain To Profit. Give us a call at 0508 2 73668 to talk to get expert advice.

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