Successful Renovation at Mangere East Auckland

Another successful renovation was done by our amazing team.

Details of renovation are as below.

  • Full reno striped wallpaper and skim wall and painting
  • Uplift carpet and turn into the polished floor finish
  • Remove HWC from the kitchen and relocated to laundry to created more space for a new kitchen
  • New kitchen installed
  • We cut inside walls to create an open plan creation style.
  • The kitchen wall was a low bearing it required drawing etc which exceed the owner budget
  • We were able to achieve what the owner wants without a blow the budget and without trigger the building code requirement
  • We install a heat pump got up to meet healthy homes standard
  • New laundry set to suit new HWC been relocated there
  • Repaint exterior both wall and roof and new fence.

See the video for the amazing renovation.