Home Renovation Mangere Auckland CBD

It is amazing what a full home renovation can do for the value of a property. As was the case with this Mangere home. The client had extensive plans for a full home renovation that would add significant value to the property. The plan was to convert the laundry and foyer area into a fourth bedroom and turn the kitchen into a fifth bedroom. With the existing kitchen moving into the lounge.

The Fourth Bedroom

At the rear of the house was a foyer area and a laundry. The owner felt that this space was underutilized and therefore, decided to combine the spaces into a new fourth bedroom. So, we began with removing a wall to create one continuous space.

The New Kitchen

The owner wanted to convert the existing kitchen into a fifth bedroom. This meant building a new kitchen in the lounge and combining the spaces. There were a few advantages to this decision. Firstly, adding extra bedrooms to a property greatly increases property value. Secondly, opening plan living is becoming a more desirable trend in homes. Combining the lounge and kitchen was possible because the existing lounge was rather large and square. Even with the new kitchen, the lounge was still considerable large, leaving plenty of living space.

Maintain To Profit, Your Home Renovation Specialist.

After these renovations the property was almost ready to go to auction. The last step was to water blast the house, garage, driveway and fences. The added bedrooms significantly increased the property value and netted the owner $88,000 in profits.

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