Glendowie Home Renovation And Deck Rebuild

This Glendowie renovation involved a complete strip down and redo of the interior as well as a deck rebuild on the side of the home.

This home was very much in need of a makeover. The carpets were stretched and lifting, the walls discolored, the curtains old and in dire need of a change. The bathroom was old and getting rather run down, and the tiles were stained and not up to par. The deck had also seen years of use and was reaching a point where it was no longer presentable, so that also needed a spruce up.

This Glendowie renovation involved removing the whole interior of the home including the furnishings and carpet and redoing the walls, the ceiling, the floors and everything in between in all rooms of the house.

As you can see, all rooms including bedrooms, bathroom and kitchen have had a complete makeover. A complete new color scheme was brought to the house, with a clean white used as a base and a number of carefully chosen vivid colors used to accent areas and provide a bit of flavor. The kitchen cupboards and shelves were replaced with a new style to match the new theme and flow with the living room. New wooden flooring was also put down, which aside from pleasing aesthetics services to make the kitchen appear longer to the eye. Carpeting throughout the living room and bedrooms was put down in a color to match the wooden floors used in the kitchen and bathroom. The deck was also redone, finished with a new coat of stain on the wood and an installation of windows which gives the ability for the deck to be used despite bad weather.


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