Driveway renovation Auckland CBD

We had the opportunity to help this client with their driveway renovation. The homeowner was becoming frustrated with their gravel driveway, and sought to upgrade to concrete. We were happy to lend our expertise and pour their new driveway, boosting their homes value in the process.

Pouring the Concrete

Laying down a new driveway is typically a straight forward process. This renovation was no exception. Gravel driveways are perfect for conversion to concrete as the gravel base provides good support. This meant we could dive straight into the process of building a frame for the concrete pour.


Most people might not know that concrete needs to be reinforced. Either with wire mesh or rebar. This not only adds strength to the concrete but also holds the concrete together in the event of a crack. Over the long life of driveway cracks will form at some stage. Stresses from weather, thermal expansion in the sun and stress from cars will cause a crack somewhere years down the line. Any good contractor will take this into account and reinforce the concrete with wire or rebar to hold the driveway together, keeping it functional for a lifetime.

Finishing Touches

No driveway renovation can be successful without a skilled tradesman. Pouring concrete is a challenging task. To not only keep the surface but to also consider how it will connect to existing pavement. This is where the team at Maintain To Profit come in. The client was left extremely satisfied with how this project turned out and used us for the renovation of their home interior also.

If you are looking to renovate your driveway then look no further. Call the team at Maintain To Profit at 0508 2 73668 or contact us online to begin your renovation journey. Learn more about the types of projects we can complete.

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