Auckland CBD – Garage conversion renovation

Our latest renovation opportunity was to convert a garage into a utility room. The client found they were not using their garage as a car park. So, they decided to convert the garage into something more functional for the way they used the space. A lot of smaller homes tend to use their garage not for parking, but instead for storage and perhaps as their laundry room. Which makes sense, as square footage is at a premium in Auckland.

Removing the Garage Door

The first step in this renovation was removing the garage door and replacing it with a sliding door. Not only would this increase the accessibility, but it would also provide significant natural light. The process was relatively easy and straightforward. First the door was removed, and then the rails and mechanism. Once these were all removed, we began construction of the new frame.

Luckily, the opening left by the removed garage door was a modest size. This meant we could very easily slot into a place a new frame with windows and a sliding door. In the above picture you can see a picture of the final result of the same renovation of the next door unit.

The Final Result

Overall the garage renovation was a huge success. Now that the room had its new windows and sliding door the last step was to renovate the interior. The garage is the perfect location for a utility room conversion as it already has an open layout, perfect for fitting shelves and laundry appliances.

Maintain To Profit Renovation Specialists

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