Building New

Building A New Home


Design and build

We can quote for and deliver a project that includes the full range of design and construction services, giving a single point of responsibility to minimise the costs and risks for the homeowner. The design and build solution reduces the delivery schedule by overlapping the design and construction phases. However, as we specialise in renovation work, we will not always accept work that involves the complete construction of a new home from scratch.

Project managementhome_development

Renovating a home is a complex job and key to its success is good project management with clear communication between all those involved in the project. The secret is being able to think ahead and knowing who does what; what materials are needed and when, possible problems and hold ups, and critical time related issues.

Construction requires integrating numerous trades, dealing with suppliers, managing subcontractors, arranging inspections, answering questions that arise and clarifying anything in the construction documents with contractors, processing variations, arranging amendments to the building consent where necessary and finally arranging the code compliance certificate.

You must have confidence in the person managing the project to keep the channels between you, the designer, the builder and your contractors open to achieve the best possible outcome.

Engineered solutions

As a full service Computer Aided Design (CAD) company we are experts in custom engineering and can provide architectural design and draft permit plans for all types of building renovation.

Professional development

We offer our knowledge and experience to help with concept plans and gaining consents that are required if you wish to go through the land subdivision or professional development process.

Subdivision is a process of dividing a parcel of land or a building into one or more further parcels, or changing an existing boundary location. It does not alter the way land is used, but those who subdivide land usually alter the land use.

Land subdivision creates separate and saleable certificates of title, which can define an existing interest in land (including buildings) and impose limitations on landowners or occupiers for how the land can be used or developed, through conditions and consent notices imposed under s108 and 220 of the Resource Management Act (RMA).

Very few district plans provide for subdivision as a permitted activity, and even then s223(1)(b) (Approval of survey plan by territorial authority) requires that a certificate of compliance first be obtained under s139 of the Act. An application for a subdivision consent needs to be accompanied by a subdivision (also called “scheme”) plan, together with an explanatory report, which will include any information required by the district plan.

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